Note: The review is mainly regarding my work on remotenactive.com

I’ve finally kickstarted a digital hub in November.

I’m getting into the habit of putting out content regularly, but I’ve already noticed, that I must increase the amount and speed of content production.

I’ll get into why in a second.

As I have to balance in my marketing freelance work and many other tasks as a solo-founder as sales, billing & finances, administration, webhosting issues, marketing, research, target audience outreach etc. it’s currently challenging to “just produce more”.

To overcome this challenge my current content production system includes making use of AI copy writing for content production.

The speeds up the process tremendously.

Still, I have to do more, as I am running out of money for the company.

Here’s why.

πŸ’° Financial Overview

Amount For what
+ $ 1, 700 Consulting
- $ 1,000 Tools: Marketing, Sales, Google Ad Campaign,
Admin Costs etc.
- $ 70 Monthly Running Costs (as of 11/21)

My monthly costs vary slightly depending on how I use the paid service for content production, marketing, sales etc.

πŸ”­ Outlook

At the current rate I have to make significant revenue in the next 3 months.

I have already adjusted my consulting offer and created a service which offers more value to the clients and allows me to charge more.

Next, I have to reach out to potential clients with this offer.

🧐 Review Goals November

Result Goal
πŸš€ Win Marketing: Post 1x per week on relevant forums
❌ Fail Develop Twitter Strategy & get 2 posts per week out
πŸš€ Win Product: Create 1 piece of digital content per week (free/member/paid)

πŸ“Š Key Metrics

Revenue Consulting: 0$

Unique Visitors (Plausible): 153 ( ↓ 4% )

New Metric Website Members: 5

🎯 Goals December

  • Product: Create 6 pieces of digital content per month (+50%)
  • Talk to at least 2 users per week
  • Rund Paid Media Experiment

Notes to myself

  • How can I drastically reduce my monthly costs if needed?
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