Here are some free-time & business projects I’ve done.

Project Info
🏝️ Koh Phangan Nomad Collective A Telegram Group
🔍 Recent Posts A Chrome extension
📺 ThaiTeewee A website to watch Thai video
🗝️ Password Generator A password generator
😂 Meme Generator A Meme Generator
🏝️ Remote ’n Active A website for remote workers
🎯 Dynamic Web-App A website to find remote activities
🚀 Service-Landingpage B2B Service for remote/hybrid companies
📝 Personal Website This website
🌿 Nomad Vegan Meetup Meetup for Digital Nomads in Berlin
🚩 Remote Leadership Training Online Course for Remote Leadership
🏜️ Game: No Peyote Jump ‘n Run Game about a Mexican cactus
🕹️ Game: Rock Paper Scissors Round based RPS Game