Note: The review is mainly regarding my work on remotenactive.com

October taught me to let go.

I let go of the idea that I will be creating everything from the ground up.

I let go of expecting potential new business to manifest.

I let go of the fear of launching an unperfect product.

I let go of the comfort of my known surrounding.

I let go of the co-working space I was attending.

I let go of my rental bike.

Review Goals October

[x] Product: Launch Digital Product (Subscription-based service)

πŸš€ Success!

[x] Produce 1 Template

πŸš€ Success!

[x] Produce 1 Guide

πŸš€ Success!

[x] Produce 5 free Articles

πŸš€ Success! OK I managed 4

[x] 2 Subscriber Posts 1

❌ Fail

[x] 1 paid article

❌ Fail

Key Metrics

Revenue Consulting: 345$

Unique Visitors (Plausible): 163 ( ↓ 11% )

Goals October

  • Marketing: Post 1x per week on relevant forums
  • Develop Twitter Strategy & get 2 posts per week out
  • Product: Create 1 piece of digital content per week (free/member/paid)

Notes to myself

  • Focus on SEO & Marketing
  • Talk to more people from the target audience