I started out by defining my main target audience for remotenactive.com as being from Germany.

I am fully aware that the topic is adaptable to an international audience, but to niche down as much as possible I am currently focussing on the German market.

But, more and more requests for an English website have come up.


“Is the website also in English?”

So I started out thinking of ways how to translate the website without spending hours.

The possibilities were:

  • Make a copy and translate by hand
  • Use Javascript
  • Use other programming languages or libraries like PHP, or JQuery

As I am still learning Javascript and the website is already loaded with a lot of external libraries like Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js, AOS Animate, Canvas Confetti the quickest and most convenient way to move forward for me was option 1. make a copy and translate it by hand.

That’s what I have done.

Looking back I would have started out multi-language and would have then thought about how to implement it technical and efficient.

But, you never know how things go.

My main take: I rather choose a fast to implement solution over a perfect, but slow one.

So, now it’s live remotenactive.com/en