After nomading for some months I’m back at home and needed some time to settle back in.

It’s strange how fast the hometown can become unfamiliar.

My travelling was split into two journeys which taught and showed me vastly different ways of living.

Here’s what I mean

1. Living in alignment

I spent the first 3 months on the canary islands and was surrounded by nature all day. It was amazing having the opportunity to watch the sun go up and down and have the opportunity to go surfing nearly every day.

It was here that I noticed being mainly in nature and surrounded by water, not tall buildings, traffic and rushing people is a true gift.

Doing sports here did not feel like I “had to do sports” in order to achieve something. But rather as an integral part of the lifestyle.

I managed to attract some business and was able to support myself from freelance work which was good.

Nevertheless my work on the service part of remotenactive.com got harder, which is why I decided to change some things. and dive deeper into Web Development.

2. Experiences > Money

In the next 2 months I travelled a lot and had close to no income. Which is fine, as I have some savings to burn through. This gave me the opportunity to explore Mexico with its amazingly deep culture.

I can not describe in words what I experienced, but can only say that the trip was worth it.

Nevertheless I was looking forward to getting back home in the end, as I wanted a certain degree of stability.

Right now I am focussing on growing remotenactive.com

Goals May



  • Finish the next 2 lessons (Intermediate Git & ReactJS) of The Odin Project


  • Launch 1 new project

Thanks for reading and have a good one!