It’s strange looking back.

I started my entrepreneurial journey 1 year ago.

A lot has happended since then.

But one thing has not changed:

My willingness to continue my entrepreneurial journey.

A hard path to walk

I have had a few inquires about fulltime positions, but notice that I do not resonate with them at the moment.

Being a self funded founder is by no means easy.

I am still struggling with regular income streams and have not cracked this nut yet.

But, I am still driven by the will to make things happen.

Which is why I am dancing on different weddings as we say in Germany.

Finding alternative routes

Besides my main business I have picked up freelance work as a group fitness trainer again.

I really love helping people become fitter and motivating them to succeed.

It’s also a nice change of environment as I get away from sitting in from of a screen.

Nothing has changed

I really value both worlds and recently remembered that this is exactly how I spent many years as a teenager.

I used to play soccer very actively in a competitive team and loved playing video games or with my computer in my free time.

Let’s look at how the month of may went:

Look back on my Goals for May ‘22

πŸ“ˆ Business

- Publish 2 Articles per week on remotenactive.com

Result: Achieved 60%

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Overall
βœ…2/2 βœ…2/2 ❌0/2 βœ…2/2 ❌0/2 6/10 (60%)

- Grow monthly visitors by 15%

Result: Achieved 144% (nearly 10x my goal!)

Month Unique Visitors Total Pageviews Visit Duration
April 91 160 54s
May 229 (↑144%) 551 (↑218%) 2m 11s (↑147%)

⭐ Personal

- Finish the next 2 lessons (Intermediate Git & ReactJS) of The Odin Project

Result: 50% I got through intermediate Git, but am still at ReactJS

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  • Launch 1 new project

Result: 0% - I created leadership.remotenactive.com, but haven’t launched yet.


First off, I am generating income again, which is very good.

Nevertheless, I am noticing how hard it is to balance my consulting work with my projects, learning development and personal time. I stopped tracking time on my personal projects over the month of may, but have gotten back into it, as it makes me accountable on how much I am actually investing time-wise.

Looking at my business I am doing good on traffic, but my offers seem not to match the target audiences’ needs.

Goals June ‘22

πŸ“ˆ Business

⭐ Personal

  • Create 1 ReactJS Project

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