🎨 JavaScript Frameworks? Read this.

Framework noun /ˈfreɪm.wɝːk/ a supporting structure around which something can be built – Definition by Cambridge Dictionary Ever since the advent of JavaScript in the mid-90’s, developers have been struggling to find a solution for creating reusable code that can be easily be implemented in different projects. via GIPHY Originally, frameworks were meant to address this problem by providing developers with more control over how their applications would run....

February 11, 2022

👨🏾‍💻 Learning Full Stack Web Development for Free - My First Month

Here’s the tldr; of the article pic.twitter.com/Qglih3gNgc — Kass 🦈 (@KassandraSanch) November 16, 2021 You are probably wondering what this meme means. Well, let’s start at the beginning. What does Full Stack Web Development mean? I’ll cover the basics in this part. Even if you have a basic understanding of web development I will show you an interesting way to explain this to your parents. Let’s dive straight in....

February 8, 2022

🔄 Changes I am making on remotenactive.com

After analyzing my startup and talking to friends and mentors I have decided to make the following changes to my remote team building websiet remotenactive.com. Set all content to free, no more paid or subscriber content Focus on content, not on the service anymore Goal: Create a online media company For more real-life updates feel free to join me on twitter.

January 31, 2022

🕹️ I Made a Simple RPS Game

Rock Paper Scissors - Game I made a simple a simple rock papers scissors game of 5 rounds with a dynamic background and the option to play music. It’s a fun little project I made to learn JavaScript. You can play it here For more real-life updates feel free to join me on twitter.

January 30, 2022

December and 2021 Review

This review will be a little different. I will not review each and every to do item and see whether I managed to achieve my goals. I will take a broader look at the last month and whole year went. And also dive into some topics that are relevant to me. Reflection on my startup In December I did not manage to make any money with my startup. I have been working heavy on SEO and creating content, in addition to doing Sales mainly via outreach on LinkedIn....

January 21, 2022