I tried a digital detox from LinkedIn for 3 months.

In this article I am reflecting on my experience.

Here’s what happened.

Let’s start with:

What is a digital detox?

Digital detox is a trending topic that seems everywhere these days. The term “Digital Detox” means different things to different people and as a result, it is often misunderstood. From my experience it boils down to the following:

Getting away from technology for a specific amount of time

Hereby technology can be physical like smartphone, TV, laptop, or software like specific websites, apps, social media etc.

There are many good reasons to take a digital detox. When you take a break from working with the computer and mobile devices, it is good for mental health, physical health and productivity.

For example this study has shown that a digital detox has a positive influence on productivity of employees.

The negative effects of smartphones are often overlooked, which why it is important to get some time off.

My reason

First off, I think LinkedIn is a great platform to connect fast & easy with professionals, old and new colleagues and potential business partners.

Nevertheless, Linkedin is a social media platform.

Therefore, it has a stream that pushes forward algorithmic optimised content.

The content on LinkedIn - or maybe I should say the content on [my LinkedIn ] is biased towards two directions

🤳 Perfection

Shiny and flashy images of people smiling and laughing into a perfectly lit camera

🤩 “Success”

Sharing of positive statistics & numbers that emphasize “success”

Some content pieces even seem as if they were straight out of a fashion magazine.

It feels like the effect Instagram has/had on fitness content online.

🍑 Instagram = Perfectly orchestrated “Insta-Fit” pictures creating a false image of body compositions.

😎 LinkedIn = Perfectly orchestrated “Business-Success” pictures creating a false image of business/work development.

I am also guilty adding into this bubble.

I know, I can filter out content I do not lie and form my own bubble.

Nevertheless the algorithm pushes a specific kind of content.

That’s why I stepped back.

For more mental space.

My learnings

🍃 Mind decluttering

I noticed that I feel a ease to my business related thoughts. It helped me refocus on topics that are important to me like learning new things, in my case Web Development

✨ New way of usage

The main issue I had with LinkedIn was the overly optimised stream. Which is why I am putting my attention away fom the stream to meaningful messages, or scanning trending topics.

🕒 More time

Not having to produce content for LinkedIn, or not bein influenced by the images and topics gave me more time.

What now?

Right now I am in the process of testing & re-evaluating my relation to LinkedIn. I am trying out content production again with a different approach. Yet, spending less time on the stream.

Have you ever tried a digital detox?

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