You can learn anything” - Khan Academy

What happened

So I finished The Odin Projects Fundamentals and had fun creating a Rock, Paper, Scissors Game.

I was really surprised at level of depth of the fundamentals course.

Not only did I repeat HTML & CSS Basics, but I also dived into Git and already started with JavaScript.

What I really liked is, that the program puts a heavy emphasis on the psychological aspect of learning.

For example with the topic of


In the part “Motivation & Mindset” the of importance of having a Growth Mindset is being highlighted.

As every developer faces hard problems I have been reminded that this is exactly the path of growth.

Doing hard things is hard.

By doing hard things growth is possible.

Compared to sports muscle growth happens because you increase the amount of load to your physical body.

The same growth will occur if you regularly increase the amount of psychological load.

Having positive belief systems in place is so important.

Next: JavaScript Full Stack

I started the Full Stack JavaScript Course and already notice how the amount of information and type of complexity of the projects increased.

I lost motivation at some point, but have managed get back on track with the help of reddit and the subreddit r/learnprogramming.

Reddit Motivation

I hope to get through the main parts JavaScript Course within the next month.

Further Resources

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