So, I’ve been learning Web Development for several months and things are moving very, very slowly, but surely.

Before I restarted my journey of getting into learning to code I had an understanding of how the web worked and was familiar with HTML, CSS and a little JavaScript (aka Script-Kiddie).

This was a huge benefit when I started to create my first websites again in 2021.

But then came ReactJS.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is a front-end UI library. This means a collection of ways to make websites interactive.

It was developed by employees at Facebook in 2013 and has since then become the most used libraries according to Stack Overflows 2021 Web Developer Survey

Most Popular Web Frameworks (c) Stack Overflow

Why I think learning ReactJS is still important

Well, first of all, as mentioned it’s the no.1 popular framework. So when it comes to finding freelance or full-time jobs its good to know what most people in the room are working with.

I am drawn towards other Frameworks, that have been developed post ReactJS, like Svelte, but for now, I want to stick to one system and understand it better.

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