As a hobby software developer, I am always looking for ways to improve my workflow and make my job easier. Recently, I decided to try my hand at creating a Chrome extension to help me navigate LinkedIn more efficiently.

The Goal

The goal of my extension was to add a new button to LinkedIn profile pages that would allow me to quickly view a person’s recent shares. I thought this would be a useful feature because it would save me from having to navigate through multiple menus and pages to see someone’s recent activity.

How I created it

To create the extension, I first had to familiarize myself with the Chrome Extension API and learn how to create a basic extension that could be installed in Chrome. This involved creating a manifest file that defined the extension’s name, version, and permissions, as well as a content script that would be injected into LinkedIn pages to add the new button.

Once I had a basic extension working, I focused on adding the button to LinkedIn profile pages. This involved using JavaScript to select the appropriate element on the page, create a new button element, and append it to the page. I also added some CSS to style the button and make it look like it belonged on the page.

Finally, I added some logic to make the button clickable and redirect the user to the correct page on LinkedIn. This involved adding an event listener to the button that would execute a function to update the current URL with the appropriate path to the person’s recent shares.


Overall, I found the process of creating a Chrome extension to be challenging but rewarding. It was a great opportunity to learn about the Chrome Extension API and practice my JavaScript skills. I am happy with the final result and hope that others will find my extension useful as well.

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