Once again, I have been taking time off social media.

Since I have gone silent on Twitter and LinkedIn, I am feeling a stronger sense of calmness and have gotten back into the habit of reading regularly.

This has brought me to some thoughts going into 2023.

Silent Work

Social Media, especially indie hackers on Twitter embrace “Work in Public”. Working in public on social media platforms does have its upsides, like increased accountability, or feedback from people reading on your progress.

But, it does have downsides in my opinion.

Dopamine misdirection

As one of the main aspects of working in public is to post regularly on social media you risk leading your dopamine hit towards getting feedback from social media (likes, reactions) and not from your actual work.

Decreased attention span

Regular Social Media use has a high potential to reduce your attention span, therefore working in public and looking out for feedback on your posts can reduce your attention span.

This takes a strong toll on the mind which is why I think it is important to hone skills that keep the mind fresh and clear.

Mind Sharpening

Besides meditation Yoga has become the main source for me to sharpen my mind and senses. This is becoming increasingly important on a personal and professional level which is why I will dwell deeper into this field.

Deep Work

I want to get back into having longer deep work sessions, especially when it comes to programming which is why I do not want to get back onto social media.


This year I want to move more with the flow of life and not focus too much on hard fixed goals.