Note: The review is regarding part of my work and only displays a look into a facet of a project and does not include all income/revenue I generate


It’s kind of strange.

I’ve read a dozen times that things do not go as expected whilst starting a business.

But now, that things really went different from my goals and plans it feels kind of weird.

So, “bad” news first"

I did not hit all my July allocated goals

โŒ Focus SEO: 1 Blog Post per week (4)

โœ… Testing Newsletter option

โŒ Launch Open List

But I reached one major key milestone

๐ŸŽฏ Revenue

I finally am starting to make revenue.

I am still far from being sustainable.

Especially as this is a one time fee and no recurring revenue.

Still it is a huge step forward, which boosts my motivation and validated my idea, that companies are willing to pay money for personalized remote team building advice.

Key Metrics

  • Revenue: 700 $

  • Unique Visitors (Plausible): 51 ( โ†“88% )

July was my month of sales.

Instead of testing SEO I tested Phantombuster in order to grow my Linkedin audience.

In addition, I reached out to potential clients and wrote a lot of messages.

On a personal note I picked up additional freelance work, as my cash flow perspective did not look good.

Now, as I have my first 2 clients I want to deliver the best work, that I can.


  • Deliver 2 amazing client sessions

  • Publish “About us” Page

  • Launch “Open List”

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