Going on a solo-adventure has many upsides.

Full flexbility.

No one to account to.

Moving quickly.

But, there are certain risks.

Imagine you are hiking on your own.


The colourful mountains are illuminated by the sun.

The wind breeze is seemingly playing music on your clothes.


You feel fully energized about going some extra miles and run up the hill and simply just do as you please.


But, there is a thing you did not think about.


You had so much fun running up the big, rocky mountain and were captivated by mother nature that you did not think about getting back on time.

And it will get dark soon.

This little story portraits my view on working as a solo-founder.

It is surely an amazing experience and a lot of fun, but I have experienced the risk of not checking in on myself.

Which can then lead to over-work, or simply not keeping track of how fast I am actually moving.

Which is why I have a network of like minded people surrounding me, which give me feedback and also act as an indirect security net.

“When will you be back? We are want grab some take-away later”

The phone-call came just on time before deciding to run up the next junction over to the other hill

“I’m on my way back”.

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