What happened last week - 17.05 - 21.05.2021

Feedback regarding my goals #1

The good

  • Got the remotenactive translated English website up and running
  • Wrote 5 Cold-Messages via LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • One Phone Call with a prospect
  • Let my LinkedIn Network know about my new career, reaction very positive

The bad

  • Did not reach the goals of 15 cold messages, 2 Case Studies
  • Reasons: translation of website took me longer than expected, LinkedIn Cold Messaging Research on how to adress the audience took me longer than expected
  • LinkedIn Sales Cold Messages not successful so far

What’s Next

  • As the website is now available in english and german I will adress both target audiences
  • Will do Keyword Research to better understand target audience
  • Researching LinkedIn marketing tools to improve communication with potential customers