Setting clear goals is crucial to make sure I am moving into the right direction and stay accountable.

These are not all To Do’s, but rather the most important things I am working towards on a weekly basis.


After talking to another founder I noticed my approach towards Sales was completely wrong.

I am now adjusting towards creating meaningful online connections.

Not slamming the door open and trying to sell.

Therefore I am reaching out to my target audience by connecting and engaging.

That’s why my goals for the following week 24.05. - 28.05.2021 are


  • Develop Target Audience Persona
  • Develop connecting, follow up, call funnel
  • Connect with 20 Target People per Day = 100 / week


  • Draft Blog Page
  • Draft Navigation for Blog


  • Keyword Research
  • Define 2 - 3 relevant Keyword Segments
  • Make List of AI Copy Writing Tools
  • Create 1 Blog Post with AI