When Typeform first went live, I was absolutely thrilled.

Suddenly, polls were fun and not that annoying anymore.

The design was minimalistic, beautiful, playful, but still professional.

But unfortunately, as with so many good technical products, it simply became more and more expensive over time and/or the free functionalities were increasingly restricted.

Typeform is collecting dem cash

The design and UX are still very good, but the starting price is very high at 30 € / month (“Essential”).

Especially since only a few extra functionalities, such as 3 logic jumps, are included.

If you want to use the product reasonably well, you have to take the “Professional” version, which costs 45 € / month (30 € / month with annual payment


Since I am right in the middle between “Free” functions are not enough, “Essential” is too few, but “Professional” is too much - in terms of functionality and price - I started looking for alternatives.

Tripetto has joined the chat

The market for surveys and chat bots is now very large and there are a lot of good providers such as

Tripetto is now a new fellow that really offers a lot of functionalities completely free of charge.

You only “pay” with the provider’s branding link.


My first impression

Tripetto is anything but intuitive.

At the beginning I did not understand many very important functions, and it took about 15 minutes to just understand it to some extent how the tool is actually structured.

For a survey that I created with Typeform in about 20 minutes, it took me about 2 hours at Tripetto -incl. the search for tutorials and looking up of explanations.

Now, I’m slowly getting the hang of it and think that it will only take a little longer than creating something with Typeform.

So, to a certain extent, you pay with a bit of your time (and a branding link), but you have a lot of functionalities and don’t have to worry about the next charge.

I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with Tripetto now, which is why it is a very good replacement for Typeform for me.