Yesterday, on 14.06.2021 I got to the post of the day with 125 upvotes.

Reddit post of the day

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Here is how I created the post.


It’s not always easy to come up with topics to write about.

I have been experimenting with different kinds of posts on LinkedIn and noticed one of my posts had a pretty high engagement.

Here are the LinkedIn stats on my post about my learnings about attending the Y Combinator Free Startup School.

KPI Result
Views 1,421
Engagements 15
Comments 5
Engagement Rate (ER) 1,42%

Data per 15.06.2021

The ER was above my other postings which is why I decided to write up a long article.

Writing Process

I have a trello board for collecting ideas and bringing order into parts of my content.

So I added this article idea and started out with the draft.

I quickly noticed this can be a 1,000+ words article, which is why I split it up into small parts, just writing the headlines and small chunks.

After having the general outline of the article I started with the easiest part, which took a little research, but less creativity.

After completing this I let it rest for a day or two.

Then, I wrote down the “heavy” part, where I had to rethink my experience with YC and dig up some images.

User Feedback

I looked up some of my followers on LinkedIn and send them my first draft.

Most of them were kind enough to read through the ~2,000 words and give me feedback.

From the 7 people I asked for feedback, 3 replied and gave me really well-thought through feedback.

The Post

At first I thought I will just post the whole article as a LinkedIn Article and use parts as a post.

One of my LinkedIn connections brought up the idea of splitting up the post.

I thought this makes sense, as people prefer shorter posts on the LinkedIn stream.

Still, I wanted to test out the article and see whether is’ actually likeable.

Which is why I went to reddit and posted it on the subreddit r/startups with 766k followers.

I saw some postings about not actually acting on startup ideas so I changed the title from

“What I learned in 12 weeks at YCombinators’ Free Startup School”

-> How it’s published here


“Freeing yourself from being a “Wannapreneur” and some advice on learning about startups online at no cost”

I guess the main insight here is, adjust your angle to the audience you are speaking to.

The main arguments I am making in the article are the same.

It’s only the headline, which I fitted to the target audience.

Final Thought

A questions that came up for me is:

Could I have utilized this post for traffic of my own website?

At the moment my main goal is to get a better understanding of creating valuable content.

So, as this post only gave my reddit account a lot of karma I am fine with actually not gaining any traffic from it.

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