Social Media is often perceived as a superficial place were egomaniacs just try to show off how cool they are.

That’s at least been my impression of some online communities.

But, it really comes down to how you approach this way of communicating online.

It really helps to view each and every person online as somebody you see at a party, event, on the street or in the supermarket.

Even out there in the real world you come across colorful individuals.

If you do not like what they stand for you do not have to engage with them.

One problem with social media in general is, that algorithms push forward optimized images and posts that do not necessarily reflect the way in which a high number people actually use the website.

My impression is many people browse, chat casually and just want to see what’s going on with people they know or have something worth sharing.

Then of course there are some attention seekers who want to stand out - at any cost.

I do not like standing out.

In fact, I tend to be rather introverted and value having time on my own.

But then I also love to be around people who inspire me and with whom I can share a common goal, views and perspectives.

Which is why I joined and went through YC’s Startup School

Because Ghandi most famously said

Be the change you want to see in the world

I have decided to take a new approach at social media and

create meaningful connections.

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