Note: The review is regarding part of my work and only displays a look into a facet of a project and does not include all income/revenue I generate

Greetings friend from the WWW,

as mentioned in my earlier post I am going to publish my progress on a monthly basis.

Progress is currently slow, but steady.

Paid Media Experiment

The Google Ads Campaign has brought traffic and one person booked an appointment via the website calendar.

Learnings from the Google search ads campaign which ran for 2 weeks:

  • CPC for “Remote Activities” lower than for “Remote Culture

  • Website Insight: high interest in pricing

  • Mobile Traffic: 55% Desktop/Laptop: 42%

  • Main Call to Action (Hero-Section) got most Clicks

  • Low Conversion Rate for appoinment bookings

Improvements I’ve made on the website afterwards

  • New Headline

  • Appointment booking now inline, not via popup

  • Improved CTA

I got valuable feedback from the Indie Hackers Forum for this one.

Key Metrics

  • Revenue: 0 $

  • Unique Visitors (Plausible): 423 (+278%)

  • Blog Posts: 1

Open List

After talking to people from my target audience and looking at the feedback I’ve gotten so far for my website I’ve decided to bring forward the task of opening up my activities list.

This will give the website visitors a better understanding of what kind of activities and tools they can expect from my service.

In addition, this list can develop into a further revenue source.

Goals for July:

  • Focus: SEO 1 Blog Post per week (4)

  • Test: Newsletter option

  • Launch: Open List

I’m really excited about the upcomming month.

Especially because I will continue my testing of AI copy writing and SEO optimization.

Thanks for reading and have a good one!

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