Note: The review is regarding part of my work and only displays a look into a facet of a project and does not include all income/revenue I generate

August was the month of hard and sweaty client work.

I was really lucky and grateful to close 3 clients at the end of july.

Whereby I helped 2 clients with remote team building and one with remote workflow and documentation.

This meant, I had to work hard on the delivering the promised results.

As I had outlined a lot of the ground work I had to adapt and individualize a lot of the work for the client sessions and the creation of the end product (Remote Team Building Playbook) for the clients.

As I fully focused on results, I did not do any sales or outbound activities.

This has lead to a drop in Projected Revenue.

But, I still have leads in the line and hope to close a client or two this month.

Let’s dive straight into it.

Review Goals August

I hit all my goals!

In detail

βœ”οΈ Deliver 2 amazing client sessions

πŸš€ Success! I actually had 3 client sessions

On a scale from

😍 πŸ˜ƒ 😐 πŸ₯± 😑

The feedback 3 out of 3 times was

Client Feedback August

βœ”οΈ Publish β€œAbout us” Page

πŸš€ Success!

Live on remotenactive.com/en/about

βœ”οΈ Launch β€œOpen List”

πŸš€ Success!

Live on remotenactive.com/en/list

Key Metrics

Projected Revenue: 60$

Unique Visitors (Plausible): 32 (↓ 37%)

Notes to myself

  • I completely neglected my social media content (Linkedin) due to my work load
  • How can I create a framework to a) pre-produce at least 1 month of content in bulk and/or b) create content on the fly while I do not have a lot of time?
  • How do I increase traffic to the website without long-form SEO blog posts?

Goals September

  • Sales: Outreach to 10 potential clients per week
  • Product: Launch Digital Product (Subscription based service)
  • Website: Update with clients and testimonials
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