About 2 years ago I started remotenactive.com and the last weekend, I archived the project. The process of working on this project has made me realize what I learned during the ride.

Here are unsorted things I learned

  • Going through YCombinators’ startup school helped me structure my idea, but the real world had more unforeseen variables than expected
  • Cheap website builders get pricey if you do not make enough money, I went from paying 19$/month to 29$/month, only to rebuild things on my own and pay 0$/month
  • My tech journey: From carrd and airtable to making my landing page with HTML, CSS, JS, then going to Ghost with customizing the theme, and in the end archiving with Hugo and customizing a theme
  • Doing Sales is super hard, automating lead generation with tools on social media is kinda cringy, but brought a little sale
  • I don’t enjoy being in the digital spotlight and having to post on social media frequently
  • Modern marketing is an online battle of optimized images and sneaky words
  • Going viral is random
  • Creating online content regularly is tough, very tough
  • SEO Tools are fascinating, but some things are like a black box
  • One of the most exciting parts of a project is rebuilding things nobody cares about (except yourself)
  • Spammers, spammers and scammers everywhere
  • Having any kind of business related social circle, be it digital or in real-life is essential
  • Know when to move on